Choosing the right investment
property can be difficult

Augur Investor makes it easier.

Property Details

Enter specific details for every property, including photos, purchasing entity, additional owners, building and land values, rental income, vacancy rate, management fees, maintenance costs, council rates, insurance…and more.

Loan Details

Is the loan interest only or principal and interest, how much is being contributed towards the deposit? Add in the interest rate, repayments and costs such as the establishment fee, mortgage insurance, valuation and solicitor’s fees.

Rental Income and Expenses

Add in the costs of owning and operating a rental property. What is the management rate, how much is the insurance, how much is spent on maintenance? Create a complete picture to identify high (and low) performing properties.

Capital Growth

Determine projected results, include selling costs and understand the tax implications. View projections at set intervals and generate an easy to read summary overview or a more detailed report to deep dive into comparisons.


Add in the value of the fittings, the construction costs and view the depreciation of the building over time.

Tax Benefits

Consider your tax position by understanding the total income generated by the property and its deductions, view before and after tax positions and the tax savings to be gained.

Whether you're a successful solo investor or a professional advisor, we have an Augur option for you!

Choose our personal plan, or enjoy the added benefits of a custom branded system and tailored reports with our property professionals plan.

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Augur Investor Personal

Professional forecasting for everyday investors. Manage your entire portfolio in one place, generate reports for each of your properties and gain a greater understanding of your overall financial position.

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Augur Investor Professional

Manage all of your users in one convenient location. Present projections via a professional interface and customise reports with your own branding.

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